Things We Use

Our Casting Stations.


There are a lot of things that go into producing a podcast. You might think you can just hope into a Google Hangout and start talking. We tried. You can’t. There is a lot of planning that goes into a podcast. There is also a basic set of equipment you need to produce a podcast. Below are the things we need to do our jobs producing a weekly podcast.

Group Tools


We all record locally to our computers using Audacity (free, open-source), except Jake who records double, also to an external recording device (see list below).

Most recordings are coordinated over Discord (free) and we use Google Drive to share files and write show notes.


Mixing and editing is done using:


Podcast episodes are then chapterized using Podreel (paid, Windows) and compiled into XML using a custom helper tool.

Our files and website are happily hosted on Linode (paid, referral). Curious nerds can tweet at us for more info about our stack.

Jeff (Co-host, Site Admin)

Jake (Co-host, Producer)

Tom (Co-host, Producer)